Swedbank’s responsive online bank

This project presented alot of new challenges for everyone involved. Java engineers transitioned into frontend, learning Javascript, html and css. Stakeholders went from waterfall to agile requirements analysis. I transitioned from interaction designer to UX lead.

There's plenty left to be published about this project. Hang in there!

My role

Detailed wireframingInteraction designUser TestingManaging stakeholder inputEvangelizing UCDManaging visual design deliverables


Swedbank embarked on one of their largest digital projects in years. They were rebuilding their entire online bank on completely new tech with a new approach to design and development.

Agile UX

The requirements and design team worked a sprint ahead of the development team. This required fast iterations and little time for the typical back and forth with stakeholders. It was uncomfortable, different and for those open to change, refreshing and fun.

Visual design

The project had no full-time visual designers on the team. An external agency was used to provide visual design assets based on wireframes created by the UX team.

Design system creation

As the online bank’s number of components and patterns was growing with each sprint we needed to take steps to ensure cohesion, consistency and increased efficiency.

Lessons learned

There were alot of moving parts in a project that meant a steep learning curve for everyone involved. Trying to gain momentum while still sweating the details proved a difficult balance to strike.